The requirements for interview


The requirements for interview

Therefore, the selection committee of the British, American and European schools expect students and students will comply with certain requirements. This is not a list of items that you have to perform. These are the qualities of the child, who will show his ability to study abroad.

  1. Academic Results

Academic student training consists of his grades in school and entrance test results. At the same schools and universities set a clear minimum to average ball on estimates and the results of international tests (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT). It is important to meet this requirement, since it is on the academic performance of a selection committee “weed out” the bulk of the candidates.

  1. Additional objects at an advanced level.

Presentations, project work in the classroom, SAT II, ​​recommendation.

  1. Essay

The child should be able to write an essay in English. First, it is an introductory essay, where he shows his ability to analyze, to think logically. Then the essay writing will be his permanent job at the school or at the university. Then, pupils and students will need to demonstrate how it can work with a large volume of information, the right to use sources and to refer to them.

  1. Application is a formal issue, but it is very voluminous. When several hundred children enter foreign schools and thousands of students want to study in foreign universities, the selection committee cannot meet everyone personally. Therefore, the candidate will be judged on his documents. Foreign schools often use their form characteristics, so it would be more convenient to use service write my essay for me. Documents in the top of the school may be supplemented by questions to the students that need to give detailed answers. Sometimes the documents are served in the order of 6-10 schools, universities and the number reaches 16. Each school – their requirements for the design and its deadline. What and how you need to specify in the questionnaire.
  2. Personal characteristics

Own articles, projects, participation in charity, travel, hobby, hobbies, achievements, even experience – all this distinguishes the child among other children, reflects its uniqueness. Foster Commission regard the achievement of the child as the advantages that it can bring to the school or university. According to them, all children should be individualized to communicating with each other. They can learn new things from each other.

  1. Motivation letter

Members of the selection committee is particularly interested in what kind of experience the child expects to receive in a foreign school or university.

About the Author: Mary Karet is a student. She is from Texas.