Italy: education in Milan

Milan is a city of fashion, beauty and music. Located in northern Italy, Milan is the center of the Lombardy region. The refined, energetic, bright, Milan is often called the “other capital” – it is the largest financial, industrial, commercial and educational center.
Why does Milan attract foreigners?

1. Milan is considered one of the capitals of fashion and shopping. It is usually named “the city-showcase.” It housed the headquarters of the famous brands. Milan Fashion Week is held twice a year in February and September.
2. Milan has the oldest public library in Italy – Biblioteca Ambrosiana. There are manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci and Petrarch. By the way, there is a fresco “Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.
3. There are business schools, as well as leading educational institutions in the field of Italian design and fashion.
4. At large universities there are Italian and English courses, these languages are taught in schools.
5. Foreign students can combine training with travel because Milan is a great starting point for excursions. They can also travel to Venice, Naples, Rome, Florence, etc.
6. This is a city of high culture and architecture. Universities are located in the most beautiful places in the city (Milan State University is located in a beautiful building, Ca Granda is in one of the first buildings of the Renaissance city, etc.).

Universities of Milan

Bocconi Commercial University is strong in management sciences.

University of Milan is the largest university in the region, one of the high-tech universities in Europe. The university is known for achievements in biology, medicine and economics. Polytechnic University of Milan is the oldest in the city. It is the largest technical university in Italy, which is famous for its achievements in the disciplines of engineering, architecture and industrial design.
The world-famous Milan Conservatory named in honor of Giuseppe Verdi (Milan Conservatory) was founded in 1807. Among its graduates are Giacomo Puccini and other famous composers.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) is the largest private university in Europe, known for teaching the humanities and natural sciences. University students using the service buy term papers.

State University of Milan Bicocca is known due to active research. The University has more than 220 laboratories.
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