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Wondering in the debris of online writing services we stumbled over this company and were tempted to see what they had to offer. Upon a closer look, it turned out they were one of the best our findings. So…

The company was founded as a paper base and does not position itself as a custom writing service. Yes, they can write papers for individual customers, but the general purpose of the site is to provide samples. In other words, to guide those who have no idea about certain assignments.

The idea is simply brilliant. What is the first thing you do when you have a difficult paper to write? Exactly! You start searching for examples, and here you can find plenty of them – but better. Why better? Because unlike all other sample sources, this one receives papers by respectable writers. Moreover, they do not take their word and check the quality themselves.

As a result, you get a paper you can rely on in the process. The service emphasizes that their papers are only for referencing purposes. It definitely works for assignments in their base (who knows how many times they have been downloaded), but what if you order a new one and submit it? We tried but couldn’t find any possible consequences. You will get caught only if someone downloads it after you and submits it earlier.

The scheme is fairly simple yet effective. They get paid for their service, and you get a crutch for writing you own assignment. To us, the framework offered by seems smart and effective. Try it, shall you have time and need.